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Patterns used (american)

  • stitch: st
  • slipt stitch: slp st
  • chain: ch
  • half double crochet: hdc
  • half double crochet crossed: I skip a stitch, 1 hdc, i come back by making 1 hdc in the stitch I’ve just skipped. You have crossed 2 hdc !
  • Single crochet:  sc
  • Increase: inc = 2 dc in the same stitch


How to start

We start with the bottom of the phone case which is worked all around the stitches of the chain. You can adjust the number of the chain according to the length of your phone.

For my phone, I made 18 ch.

Then I worked around the chain as follows:

Round 1

1 ch (=first dc of the round),

1 sc in the 2nd ch from the crochet,

16 sc in  the 16 following ch,

4 sc in the following st (= 2 inc for one of the two ends),

we continue in the opposite side of the chain with 16 sc in the following 16 st,

 2 sc in the following st(=inc for the other ends of the phone case),

1slp st in the 1st ch of the round to close it. 

We have 40 stitches.

Round 2

2 ch (=first hdc of the round),

* skip  st, 1 hdc, 1 hdc in the skipped st* repeat * * until the end of the round, 

1slp st in the 2nd ch of the round to close it.. 

We have 40 stitches.

Repeat round 2 until you reach the height of your phone.

For mine I did 23 rounds (15 cm).

For the strap

On the last round close with a slp st as usual and make 2 slp st on the following 2 st, then 1 ch (we will therefore knit on 3 stitches) and:

  • row 1: sc, sc, turn
  • row 2: 2 ch, 1 hdc, 1 hdc, turn
  • row 3: 2 ch, 1 hdc, 1 hdc, turn
  • etc..

Repeat row 3 until you get the length you want. My strap is 106 cm long.

Then fix the strap in the opposite side of the phone case by 3 slp st in the last round of the phone case.

Cut the thread, your phone case  is finished.

hide the threads

Your phone case is ready!

You can customise your phone case as well! For mine i put a pin’s but I have more ideas to come 🙂