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We wanted to see the sea so we went! It is not so difficult here in Japan as we are on an island!

From Tokyo it took about an hour and a half to get to the pretty Hayama, recommended by one of my Husband’s colleague.

So here we are on this beautiful Sunday in April. We took the highway and the traffic was fuild. Hayama is located south of Tokyo on the west coast in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Hayama is very popular and many famous people have their second homes there. Emperor Meiji himself had a house built in 1894.

We discover a pretty village with great beaches and lots of water sports.

Before going for a walk on the beach, we stop to eat in a very nice and very good restaurant! It was delicious.

Then we start a long walk on the beach, we have been until Zushi. It is sunny (the air is a bit cold, so I wear my scarf!) And people are having fun. Some go sailing, others play beach volleyball while others have a quiet picnic with friends! A happy atmosphere. I want to say that the respect of the anti-Covid instructions is there, in particular wearing of the mask!

Then we discovered in several places large drying racks, I thought at the beginning that it was to dry the wetsuits but we understood that it was to dry the algae… Indeed we met some guys who had collected algae,  boil and dry them. I guess to sell them after!

It was also very pretty to see it on the beach.

We also visited Mojito shrine, a charming temple with a lot of character and a beautiful view. It was built in the 12th century and today it is famous for its red door which stands in the middle of the sea on rocks.

Sake casks at the entrance to the temple

Nice supports to write our wishes

We ended the day at the marina enjoying excellent ice cream